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Law of Reincarnation Raw: Overview

law of reincarnation raw

Law of Reincarnation Raw is an intriguing manga/manhwa series that takes readers on a journey through time and love. The story revolves around a character who is given a second chance to be reunited with their first love by traveling back in time to New Year’s Day three years ago. Filled with drama, mature themes, and romance, this series captivates readers with its unique storyline and character relationships.

Key Features of the Law of Reincarnation Raw

  1. Time Traveling for Love In Law of Reincarnation Raw, the main character travels back in time to their first year at the company, hoping to reconnect with their old flame. This theme of time travel adds an exciting element to the story, as the character navigates through the past in pursuit of love.
  2. Complex Relationships While the protagonist attempts to rekindle their previous relationship, they find their efforts thwarted by a more assertive and professional colleague. This complex love triangle creates tension and emotional depth within the series. The inclusion of adult scenes and themes also adds a layer of maturity to the story, making it unsuitable for young readers.

Unique Character Relationships in Law of Reincarnation

The Law of Reincarnation stands out for its portrayal of unique character relationships. The series explores the protagonist’s second chance at love by revisiting their first year at the company. One noteworthy aspect is the inclusion of adult scenes and themes, catering to a mature audience. With an ongoing rating of 3.7 out of 5, the series offers a distinctive take on relationships and their complexities.

Noteworthy Details about the Law of Reincarnation Raw

Law of Reincarnation Raw delves into the story of a protagonist who travels back in time three years to be with their first love. As the narrative progresses, the main character becomes entangled with a senior colleague who is serious and professional, leading to a seductive relationship. Meanwhile, their attempts to reconnect with their old flame prove futile, as they find themselves succumbing to the advances of a final-year student solely focused on business. Although a comprehensive list of character relationships is unavailable, Law of Reincarnation Raw presents intriguing dynamics between its characters.

The Premise of the Law of Reincarnation

The Law of Reincarnation Raw offers an engaging premise, following the main character’s second chance at love. By traveling back three years in time to their first year at the company, they hope to reunite with their old flame. This ongoing series, with a rating of 4.59 out of 5, focuses on drama, mature themes, and romantic relationships. The inclusion of scenes and themes unsuitable for young readers adds depth and complexity to the story, further captivating its target audience.

The Target Audience for Law of Reincarnation

Law of Reincarnation appeals to readers who enjoy drama, fantasy, adult themes, and romance. Specifically targeting adults, this series encompasses mature content and explores the complexities of love, time, and relationships. While not exploring reincarnation as a philosophical or spiritual concept, Law of Reincarnation Raw offers a gripping narrative that resonates with a more mature audience.


Law of Reincarnation Raw is a captivating manga/manhwa series that intertwines time travel, love, and complex relationships. With its unique storyline, mature themes, and intriguing character dynamics, the series offers a riveting reading experience for adult fans of drama, fantasy, and romance. If you enjoy thought-provoking narratives that delve into the intricacies of love, Law of Reincarnation Raw is a series worth exploring.

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