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How to Frame Your Acrylic Prints for the Perfect Gallery Look

How to Frame Your Acrylic Prints for the Perfect Gallery Look

Looking to obtain a gallery look for your framed artwork?

Whether you’re a budding artist or you collect plenty of prints and photographs, it can be helpful to know the ideal ways to display them so they can shine. When you frame acrylic prints, you can gain a classy, stylish look with minimal effort.

And what’s better than that?

If you’re looking for tips on how to frame your prints, keep reading for the best ways you can display your prints to see.

1. Choose the Frame

Selecting the right frame is a crucial first step in framing your acrylic print for a captivating gallery look. The chosen frame should harmonize with the artwork while adding to its visual impact.

Consider the style, color, and material of the frame. A simple, neutral frame can provide a balanced contrast if your acrylic print features vibrant and bold colors.

On the other hand, if your artwork is more subdued, you might opt for a frame with intricate details or a pop of color to infuse energy into the presentation. Pay attention to the frame’s proportions as well. It should neither overwhelm nor be dwarfed by the artwork.

Ultimately, the frame should complement the acrylic print and enhance its overall appeal, contributing to the desired gallery aesthetic.

2. Prepare the Frame

Before beginning the framing process, ensure your chosen frame is clean and free from dust, smudges, or debris. Gently wipe the frame using a microfiber cloth or a soft brush to ensure a pristine surface. If your frame comes with glass, it’s advisable to remove it, as acrylic prints don’t require the additional weight and fragility of glass.

Removing the glass also prevents unwanted reflections or glare that might affect the viewing experience. By starting with a well-prepared frame, you set the foundation for a polished and professional presentation of your acrylic print.

4. Attach the Print

With your frame prepped, it’s time to secure your acrylic photo prints. Lay the print face down on a clean and soft surface. If you’ve chosen to use a mat board, position it beneath the print, ensuring it’s slightly larger to create an elegant border.

Begin attaching the print to the mat board using mounting tape or adhesive. Take care not to press too hard, as excessive pressure could damage the delicate surface of the acrylic print.

Work on securing the corners and edges evenly, ensuring the print is centered and aligned. This step requires precision and attention to detail to ensure the print is affixed securely without wrinkles, bubbles, or misalignment.

5. Position Backing Board or Foam Core

As the print is securely attached to the mat board, place a backing board or foam core behind the ensemble. The backing provides stability and protection, preventing the acrylic print from bending or warping over time.

Carefully slide the backing board or foam core into the frame behind the print, ensuring a snug fit. This extra support layer ensures the print remains flat and maintains structural integrity.

By correctly positioning the backing board, you enhance the print’s longevity and provide a solid foundation for the framing process. This ensures your acrylic print retains its gallery-worthy appearance for years to come.

6. Assemble the Frame

With the acrylic print securely attached to the mat board and the backing board or foam core in place, it’s time to assemble the frame. Carefully position the framed ensemble within the frame, ensuring the print is centered and aligned properly.

If you’re using a mat board, ensure it fits snugly within the frame’s opening, allowing for an even border on all sides. Depending on the frame’s design, use the provided clips, fasteners, or closures to secure the ensemble in place.

Take your time during this step to ensure that the print, mat (if used), and backing board are held firmly within the frame without any shifting or misalignment. This attention to detail contributes to the professional appearance of the finished product.

7. Add Hanging Hardware

Now that your acrylic print is securely framed, adding appropriate hanging hardware to the back of the frame is essential. Depending on the frame’s size and your hanging preferences, you can use sawtooth hangers, wire, D-rings, or other suitable hardware. Carefully measure and position the hardware, ensuring it’s centered and balanced to allow easy hanging.

The type of hardware you choose should support the weight of the frame and acrylic print, ensuring a safe and secure display.

Adding the right hanging hardware ensures the print is ready for installation and enhances its convenience and accessibility. This makes it effortless to exhibit your artwork in a gallery-like manner.

8. Clean the Acrylic Surface

Before you hang the framed acrylic print, take a moment to clean the acrylic surface. Using a microfiber cloth or a soft brush, gently remove any dust, lint, or fingerprints that may have accumulated during the framing process. Handle the acrylic print carefully to avoid leaving new streaks or marks.

Cleaning the surface ensures that your artwork will be displayed in its best possible condition, free from distractions that might detract from its visual impact. This step also demonstrates your commitment to presenting your acrylic print with the utmost professionalism.

9. Hang the Frame

With the cleaning complete, it’s time to hang your framed acrylic print and bring your gallery vision to life. Choose a suitable location that complements the aesthetics of your artwork and the overall space. Use a level to ensure the frame hangs perfectly straight, maintaining the desired presentation.

If arranging multiple framed pieces as a gallery wall, take measurements and plan the layout before hanging to achieve a harmonious display. Hanging the frame marks the culmination of your efforts, allowing you to showcase your acrylic print in a way that captures attention and admiration, much like the pieces found in esteemed galleries.

Elevate Your Space with Gallery-Worthy Acrylic Prints

Be sure to hang your acrylic prints in an area that gets plenty of natural light, and voila – you’ve got the perfect picture frame to support your work of art and give your wall that gallery master-piece look!

Remember to try different shapes and sizes to create the look you desire. Get creative and make it yours – call acrylic printing services now to learn more!

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