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The Battle for Call of Duty: Xbox vs Playstation

xbox vs playstation

The gaming industry has been shaken up by Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The $69 billion deal will give Xbox publishing control over a vast library of games, including the ever-popular Call of Duty. This has raised concerns among PlayStation console owners who worry about whether they will still have access to the game. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has publicly criticized Xbox CEO Phil Spencer’s proposal for Call of Duty to be available on PlayStation for just three years after the current contract ends, calling it “inadequate.”

The argument is that if Microsoft can guarantee exclusivity for Call of Duty, it would be foolish not to do so. However, Spencer has reassured PlayStation owners that Call of Duty will remain available on their consoles for at least several years beyond the current contract. The history of gaming has been one of competition between companies, and the so-called “console wars” of the 1990s saw intense rivalry between Sega’s Genesis and Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

While such heated rivalries have died down in recent years, the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard has led to a more restrained public war of words between the CEOs of Xbox and PlayStation. The issue at the heart of this dispute is whether Call of Duty will remain available on PlayStation consoles in the future. Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has raised concerns among PlayStation owners, who are worried that they may not be able to play Call of Duty on their consoles in the future.

The Future of Call of Duty on PlayStation: Regulatory Scrutiny and Market Impact

Xbox’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard would grant them publishing control over a vast library of games, such as Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, among others. The acquisition is currently undergoing regulatory scrutiny worldwide, with one significant question being what will happen to the popular game franchise Call of Duty.

Typically, when a company acquires intellectual properties like those owned by Activision Blizzard, there is an expectation that gamers will need to purchase an Xbox or PC to continue playing those games in the future. This could negatively impact PlayStation, which would lose one of its most beloved franchises. In the U.K., a significant 70% of Call of Duty: Vanguard sales were for the PlayStation version of the game, prompting the Competition and Markets Authority to scrutinize the deal more closely.

“In January, we provided a signed agreement to Sony to guarantee Call of Duty on PlayStation, with feature and content parity, for at least several more years beyond the current Sony contract, an offer that goes well beyond typical gaming industry agreements,” Spencer told The Verge.

call of duty

Xbox’s Assurance of Call of Duty’s Availability on PlayStation and PlayStation CEO’s Criticism

Xbox has consistently maintained that Call of Duty will remain available on PlayStation consoles, arguing that it would not be profitable to make it exclusive to Xbox. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has compared Call of Duty’s handling to Minecraft’s, which is available on all platforms, and has said that players benefit from this approach. He has also revealed that Xbox has signed a deal to ensure that Call of Duty will not leave PlayStation shortly.
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Uncertainty and Possibility of Call of Duty Becoming Exclusive to Xbox and PC

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has criticized Xbox’s proposal, calling it “inadequate on many levels.”
Ryan has expressed concerns about Xbox’s commitment to keeping Call of Duty available on PlayStation for only three years after the current contract expires, which he believes could have a detrimental effect on gamers. Although Xbox has not publicly responded to Ryan’s criticism, the matter is still unresolved.

While it is uncertain what will happen to Call of Duty in the future, given the gaming industry’s past and Ryan’s statements regarding Spencer’s proposal, it appears possible that Call of Duty may eventually become exclusive to Xbox and PC.

PlayStation’s History of Exclusivity Deals and Access to Call of Duty

Final Fantasy VII Remake

PlayStation has received exclusivity deals many times with intellectual properties it does not even own, such as the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

How to Access Call of Duty on PlayStation and Xbox Consoles

PlayStation fans can access Call of Duty through the PlayStation Store, using their PlayStation account to sign in. Additionally, the PlayStation app provides gamers with access to a range of features, including remote play and voice chat. Gamers can also contact PlayStation support if they encounter any issues. Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox 360 users can access Call of Duty through the Xbox app and Xbox game pass, while Xbox Series S owners can access it through Xbox sign-in.

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