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IT Skill List: 5 In-Demand Skills Employers Want

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Are you looking to make a career change? Now that things have calmed down since the pandemic, hiring has begun again. This certainly makes it a good time to think about working on your resume and honing your IT skill set.

It’s not enough to know how to crunch data. You need to know how to communicate results and meet requirements. If you’ve got coding skills, you’re well on your way to a viable career.

But it isn’t the only way to work with data, though. Below is an IT skill list you can use to make a career change.

1. Cloud Computing Literacy

Cloud computing lets organizations access and store data in the cloud, which makes it readily available to teams around the world. Many of the skills necessary for cloud computing literacy include:

  • configuring cloud services
  • cloud networking
  • software engineering
  • infrastructure security
  • project management

For those in IT, having a solid understanding of both software engineering and security fundamentals will make them much more desirable candidates for employers.

2. IT Project Management Experience

Having IT project management experience is an important skill set to have on a resume. This encompasses valuable qualities such as:

  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving
  • resource management
  • excellent communication skills
  • navigate complex projects
  • lead terms

Additionally, the ability to adjust to the latest trends is also essential, as this is a rapidly changing industry. With this, any employer would be lucky to have a candidate with this great skill set.

3. Data Engineering Expertise

This combines the roles of a software engineer, database engineer, and data scientist to create the pipelines needed to analyze data. In addition, one should have a strong command of:

  • both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • distribution systems
  • software development methodologies
  • machine learning principles

Finally, knowing scripting languages like Python, Java, and Scala is essential for data engineering.

4. Programming and Coding Knowledge

Programming and coding knowledge are increasingly demanding in today’s workforce. As technology advances, the need for professionals who can handle these tasks is growing exponentially.

Coding experts are in high demand as businesses strive to stay competitive in the evolving digital era. These skills can include languages and frameworks like:

  • Node.js
  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Employers look for candidates with knowledge of systems architecture, software design, and system architecture. Understanding scalability, and debugging are all that employers desire.

5. Cybersecurity Proficiency

An ideal employer must have the capacity to develop a security strategy tailored to their company’s needs. To stay competitive, aspiring IT professionals must stay up-to-date on new developments in cybersecurity trends.

This skill set is indispensable in the current age of digital transformation. A candidate who is proficient in this field can help a company protect against potential breaches with strong data security protocols.

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The Ideal IT Skill List Every Employee Must Possess

Having a related IT skill list is essential for any job related to information technology. With these in-demand skills, employers especially value data engineering expertise, software development, cloud computing, and machine learning abilities.

To succeed in your future career, make the effort to explore and acquire these top IT skills. Don’t delay! Now is the time to identify the most demanded capabilities that employers are looking for.

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