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Hyundai’s $18 Billion Investment to Become a Top 3 Electric Vehicle Manufacturer by 2030


Hyundai Motor Company, a significant player in the automotive industry for several decades, has recently declared its plan to become one of the top three electric vehicles (EV) manufacturers by 2030. To achieve this objective, the South Korean automaker has dedicated an investment of a whopping $18 billion.

Hyundai’s Sustainability Strategy: Transforming into an Eco-Friendly Corporation

Hyundai’s move towards electric vehicles aligns with its broader sustainability strategy to transform into an eco-friendly and more sustainable corporation. With an upsurge in the global demand for EVs, the company aims to remain ahead of the curve by heavily investing in research and development, production capabilities, and manufacturing.

Broadening Its EV Range: Hyundai’s Plan to Introduce Fresh Models and Separate 

At present, their electric vehicle lineup consists of Kona Electric, Ioniq Electric, and the NEXO fuel cell electric vehicle. To broaden its EV range, the company plans to introduce numerous fresh models, including a separate electric vehicle platform, enabling the production of several new EV models. Furthermore, the company intends to enhance its battery production capacity to meet the soaring demand for EVs.

Hyundai’s Investment in Electric Vehicles: A Significant Step Towards a Cleaner and Sustainable Future

Hyundai’s investment in electric vehicles will have a substantial impact not only on the company’s competitiveness but also on the environment. Since EVs emit zero emissions and are cleaner than traditional gasoline-powered cars, they are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option for consumers.

In conclusion, Hyundai’s investment of $18 billion in electric vehicles is a significant step towards achieving the goal of being one of the top three EV manufacturers by 2030. With its unwavering commitment to research and development, battery production, and production capabilities, they are well-positioned to enhance its market share in the EV industry and remain ahead of the competition.

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