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Filming in Georgia: Why Aspiring Filmmakers Should Move to Atlanta

Filming in Georgia

Georgia is a haven for aspiring filmmakers, and it’s no surprise why. Famous blockbusters like Forrest Gump and Remember the Titans were filmed in the Peach State, with plenty of incentive from the state to encourage filmmakers to move to Atlanta. The greater Atlanta area has become significant movie production and TV series hotspot.

If you have ambitions of becoming a successful filmmaker, filming in Georgia is a fantastic way to get your first break. The film industry and artistic community are thriving, providing the perfect environment for you to learn and hone your craft.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this illuminating guide to the most prominent reasons to consider moving to Atlanta, GA. Continue reading to take the first step toward making it big in the film industry today!

Tax Incentive

A prominent reason many in the film industry are moving to Atlanta is the tax incentive. Georgia provides a 20 percent tax incentive to filmmakers and production companies to film within the state’s borders. To qualify for this incredible benefit, you must complete production and post-production in Georgia.

Filming in Georgia is an excellent way to make your first masterpiece with a limited budget. Start shopping for a home in Atlanta, GA, and explore your moving expenses.

Employment Opportunities

After moving there to join the film industry, you’ll find many fantastic employment opportunities in Atlanta. The film and production companies in the Atlanta area are always looking for talented and creative individuals to join their teams. You’ll find far more opportunities when you live in Atlanta than if you move to New York City or Los Angeles.


Atlanta is a diverse metropolis filled with talented actors and actresses. It’s the perfect place to go when casting the stars of the future for your latest production. It’s also an opportunity for you to shoot your shot at an acting career.

Creative Communities

One of the most significant perks of moving and filming in Georgia is the creative communities you’re surrounded by. Hundreds of professional artists are honing their skills and planning their next masterpiece. It’s the perfect place to find the support you need to help your career in the film industry blossom.

Low Living Expenses

In addition to lower moving expenses, you’ll enjoy lower living expenses in Atlanta than in NYC or LA. You won’t need to get by on meager rations for the first months or years after your move.

You’ll live comfortably while getting your film or acting career running. You can find more on cost of movers with research and patience.

Consider Filming in Georgia Today

Finding the perfect spot for your next film production is challenging, but filming in Georgia offers several significant perks. Living costs are much cheaper than in New York City or LA, and other creative professionals will surround you and guide you. You can also use the 20 percent tax credit to save money and manage your filmmaking budget for your first major production.

Moving to a new city or state is stressful and daunting, but the best moving tips will make for a pleasant experience. Explore more of our Travel and Lifestyle blog content to make your next move a walk in the park!

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