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5 Tips for Choosing Professional Services Project Management Services


Supply and demand is the economic law that dictates market activity. Without a balance for both, an asset such as labor or services rapidly gets driven out of the price range for the consumer.

To stay competitive and relevant to consumers, a business must manage supply and demand effectively. Manually moving to manage the constantly moving parts of a business is not a great idea.

This is where professional services project management comes to a solution. Having a dedicated team to oversee all operations ensures quality, speed, and price.

But how do you find the right professional services? Read on for answers!

1. Define Your Project Needs

Having clear objectives, milestones, and expectations at the start of your project will ensure your project manager can provide the right:

  • skills
  • expertise
  • tools

All of which are needed to meet your business needs. Ensure that the project is tailored to suit the unique goals and specifications of the company. Additionally, look at the budget and timeline allotted for the project, as these are key factors in how efficient and effective the final project is.

2. Evaluate Experience and Expertise

Research the types of projects the consulting firm has handled in the past. Look at their successes and failures to determine their capabilities. Make sure the services are experienced in handling the type of project you need.

It’s also important to consider the team the professional services PMO works with. Make sure they have the proper certifications and training that have been tested and approved by an organization or other certifying agency. Get customer references, if possible, to evaluate the services’ skills in project management.

3. Assess Tools and Technology

Review their website for information on the specific software and tools they employ. Ask specific questions about their expertise with the software and if they are current on new advancements and trends. Find out what type of training they have and how often they receive updates.

Inquire about the methodology they employ. Have they adopted agile methodology, or are they more traditional? Determine if their approach to using their tools is in alignment with your project needs.

4. Check Credentials and Certifications

Start by making sure the company meets the highest standards by researching any certifications related to their industry. Additionally, investigate any legal requirements, such as business licenses. Determine if the company is an established business and has references.

5. Communication and Collaboration

When speaking with the service provider, ask questions about their methods of communication and how they will ensure that everyone on the project team can stay connected and in the loop. Make sure that the project manager is proficient in voice, text, and video markups and is comfortable with all the team collaboration systems.

This can help keep the project on track and reduce the risk of miscommunications. Most importantly, determine how the team will be kept up-to-date on progress and alerted of decisions, changes, and important updates. It is critical to make sure that both the vendor and client can collaborate successfully and productively.

Choose the Best Professional Services Project Management

Professional services project management can be difficult to choose. It’s important to select a provider that has a strong understanding of the project services you need, a commitment to reliable results, and adequate resources to ensure those results are achieved.

Reaching out to various vendors to compare services, fees, and references can help narrow down the most appropriate provider. Make sure to ask questions and get a full picture of the services and capabilities that your chosen provider brings to the table.

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